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A renaissance for recognition, diagnosis, and management of IBS, SIBO, and gut microbiome dysbiosis is happening today in select doctors’ practices across the country. Dr. Bill Salt’s practice is one of these few. He promises his patients time, expertise, compassion, and solutions. They promise to be his partners ~ to become students of and to share decisions about their gut health.

Two years ago, after 36 years of private practice with a large gastroenterology group, Dr. Salt went solo. Solo ~ as in unique and boutique ~ practicing as a non-procedural integrative gastroenterologist, well known for his expertise in diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Salt has completed hundreds of hours of post-graduate studies concentrated in IBS, SIBO, gut microbiome dysbiosis, autoimmune diseases, and leaky gut. He integrates the best of gastroenterology (particularly the research, experience, and recommendations of gastroenterologist, Mark Pimentel, MD, of Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles) with complementary, functional, and naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Bill Salt’s specialty practice features his passion for ~ and success in ~ helping patients who have gut microbiome dysfunction. New methods of diagnosis and hot-off-the-press treatments, as well as recent discoveries regarding IBS and SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), are integral to Dr. Salt’s practice.

Patients with ENTEROPathy, including IBS, SIBO, microbiome dysfunction & Leaky gut are uniquely complicated 

Most have gone doctor to doctor ~ many for years ~ without feeling better. Most have had colonoscopies (often more than one) that are “normal.” Like a detective, Dr. Salt looks for clues and missing information in patients’ medical records. He carefully listens to their health stories. Then, in collaborative fashion, they move forward with a plan. The plan often needs to be changed and adjusted; patients report back and more tweaking takes place. Finding the formula is an art, as well as a science. 

And Dr. Bill Salt is the artist.

Together, we will find your gut solutions.

IBS & Gut Microbiome Solutions

is a Cash/check/credit/debit Only Practice
offering a direct patient/gastroenterologist relationship
with william B. Salt II, M.D.
it does not include a third party intermediary 

Dr. Salt and IBS & Gut Microbiome Solutions does not participate with insurance or Medicare, which enables us to spend adequate time with patients. We will provide you with a detailed superbill at the time of your consultation and follow up visit(s) to submit to your insurance company, although reimbursement (if any) will depend on your individual carrier and plan. If you wish to check reimbursement rates, you can call your insurance company and give them the following information:

  • New patient consultation CPT code: 99245 (or 99205 for Medicare)

  • Follow-up visit CPT code: 99215

  • Please clarify that Dr. Salt is a “non-participating provider/out of network”

In order to be able to spend the time necessary together, we do not participate with insurance or Medicare. We will provide you with a "Superbill" after every consultation, which includes your diagnostic and visit codes (CPT Codes), which you can submit to your insurance provider with a request for reimbursement. You can expect your payment to count towards out-of-network deductible. The amount of reimbursement, if any, depends upon your specific policy. Insurance providers, including Medicare, consider Dr. Salt to be an out-of-network provider. But they also consider him to be an in-network prescriber, which means your insurance will kick in as it normally would for any tests, lab work, imaging, or procedures Dr. Salt may order. If you wish to check reimbursement rates for consultations, you can call your insurer and give them the following codes: new patient consultation CPT code (99245) and follow-up consultation CPT code (99215). Be sure to let your insurer know that Dr. Salt is a “non-participating/out-of-network provider.”

Our office accepts payment for your consultation at the end of your visit in the form of credit card, debit card, check, or cash.



  • Initial Consultations (one hour): $450

  • First Follow-Up Consultations (45 minutes): $275

  • Prices of Subsequent Follow-Up Consultations can be variable, depending upon the complexity of your case:

    • 30 minutes: $225

    • 45 minutes: $275

    • 60 minutes: $325

With a coupon code, you will receive free access to Dr. Salt's new e-learning course entitled, 

Understanding IBS, SIBO, Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis, and Leaky Gut:
An Integrative Gastroenterologist Guides You to Empowerment

$249 Value

You can think of this free course access as "subtracting" from your initial fee of $450

The patient and the doctor benefit from direct relationship and without interference. That's the way good out-patient gastroenterology care should be. When insurance companies dictate how and what the doctor is allowed to do, the patients' best interests are overlooked, benefiting insurance company profits. 

Third party intermediaries include: health insurance insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare). This is concierge-style services (a la carte) without a concierge fee (no monthly or annual fee) at market-value prices.* Fees are reasonable, because overhead is reduced. The patient receives an encounter form or "superbill" at the end of the visit, which includes ICD-10 diagnostic codes (no procedure codes would be included, since Dr. Salt does not perform them). 

Payment to IBS & Microbiome Solutions is by cash, check, or credit card/debit card. The patient can submit his/her superbill and receipt for payment to insurance programs and request "out of network" reimbursement. In many, though not all, situations some reimbursement is available from the insurer.

Increasing numbers of patients have high deductible insurance plans, and many have health savings accounts (HSA). People increasingly seek great medical value for the dollar, which is Dr. Salt's intention at IBS & Gut Microbiome Solutions.  


  • Integration of best gastroenterology practices with complementary, functional, and naturopathic medicine, emphasizing the teaching of Mark Pimentel, MD, of Cedars Sinai Medical Center

  • Distinguished expertise in IBS, SIBO, gut microbiome, and leaky gut (the most common gut problems)…not found outside of select academic medical centers and not available elsewhere in Ohio

  • Emphasis on care (which requires time and discussion), rather than procedures (Dr. Salt does not perform)

  • No interference from insurance companies in the patient-doctor shared decision-making relationship

  • Diagnosis usually made without procedures or imaging, unless the patient and Dr. Salt agree they are necessary, in which case a referral is made

* Dr Salt with IBS and Microbiome Solutions can provide a fair price for services by eliminating administrative hassles and bureaucracy. Costs are eliminated or minimized, through use of a state-of-the-art electronic health record (PracticeFusion), billing (none), coding diagnoses (at the time of visit), referrals (made electronically), authorizations (managed electronically), payment delays (none), EOB reviews (none), claim denials (none), resubmissions (none), collection risks (none), and other managed care costs (minimal to absent).