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Explore Dr. Salt's New E-Learning Program

The e-learning course is hosted on the Thinkific.com hosting site. Click the button below to review the explainer video and explore the course. The course cost is $249. Since it is the Initial Pilot Program, Dr. Salt is asking for your feedback. His patients will have free access through a coupon code.

People suffering with enteropathy, including ibs, sibo, gut Microbiome dysbiosis & leakY gut need to see
"the big picture"
to explore the many AVAILABLE opportunities for healing.

Most commonly, the initial diagnosis of Enteropathy is IBS. However, This usually stops both the health care professional and patient from considering the many other causes of and conditions associated with enteropathy. Commonly, more than one are present. 

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This e-learning program will prepare you to explore your many opportunities for healing with your health care professionals.

Dr. Salt's patients will have free access to his new e-learning program, which is a $249 value through a coupon code.