Dr. Salt's IBS and Microbiome Solutions is a "direct care and pay" gastroenterology" practice.

The patient and the doctor with direct relationship and without interference. That's the way that good out-patient gastroenterology care should be. (Click here to see what the initial visit here will be like.)

ibs and microbiome solutions offers a direct patient - gastroenterologist relationship with Dr. Salt that does not include a third party intermediary. 

Third party intermediaries include: health insurance insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare).This is concierge-style services (a la carte) without a concierge fee (no monthly or annual fee) at market-value prices.* Fees are reasonable, because overhead is reduced. The patient receives an encounter form or "superbill" at the end of the visit, which includes ICD-10 diagnostic codes (no procedure codes would be included, since Dr. Salt does not perform them). 

Payment to IBS and Microbiome Solutions is by cash, check, or credit card/debit card. The patient can submit their own visit information and superbill to insurance programs and request "out of network" reimbursement. In many, though not all situations, some reimbursement is available from the insurer.

Increasing numbers of patients have high deductible insurance plans, and many have health savings accounts (HSA). People increasingly seek great medical value for the dollar, which is Dr. Salt's intention at IBS and Microbiome Solutions.  

Here are the most important advantages that Dr. Salt has over a high volume gastroenterology practice that emphasizes performing procedures and may rush the consultative and follow up care visits:

  • Special IBS, SIBO, and microbiome expertise (these are the most common enteropathies) not found outside of select academic medical centers (and not available in Ohio)
  • Emphasis on CARE rather than procedures (which Dr. Salt does not perform), which requires TIME
  • Absence of outside interference in the patient - doctor collaborative shared decision-making relationship
  • A unique diagnostic, management, treatment, and educational plan
  •  Diagnosis can usually be made without scopes and x-rays because of the IBS/SIBO revolution. But if both patient and Dr. Salt agree that procedures are necessary, then a referral will be made to the large GI group that Dr. Salt helped to found, the Ohio Gastroenterology Group. (The patient can select any gastroenterologist at the Ohio Gastroenterology Group or elsewhere.) 

* Dr. Salt with IBS and Microbiome Solutions can provide a fair price for services by eliminating administrative hassles and bureaucracy. Costs are eliminated or minimized, through use of a state-of-the-art electronic health record (PracticeFusion), billing (none), coding diagnoses (at the time of visit), referrals (made electronically), authorizations (managed electronically), payment delays (none), EOB reviews (none), claim denials (none), resubmissions (none), collection risks (none), and other managed care costs (minimal to absent).