Patients can request a consultation or appointment by calling the office at 614.427.3161 or by clicking on the button here:


Referring health care professionals can fax consultation requests at: 877.883.5012.

Susan or Barb will contact the patient after the appointment request is submitted, to be certain that the patient:

  • Suffers with symptoms and problems are in Dr. Salt's area of gastroenterology expertise
  • Understands the care diagnostic and treatment process with Dr. Salt's IBS and Microbiome Solutions
  • Is open to enter a shared decision-making relationship, a commitment to learning, willingness to become a "patient expert" in his or her diagnosis, which includes awareness of and knowledge regarding all treatment options, and intention to assume responsibility for healthy living, with diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management.
  • Acknowledges that IBS, SIBO, and microbiome dysbiosis can be complex. Successful management requires a good patient - doctor relationship, which includes an educated and knowledgeable patient. Dr. Salt will provide the necessary expertise and educational resources.
  • Accepts that Dr. Salt's IBS and Microbiome Solutions is a direct care and pay practice.
  • Realizes that Dr. Salt and IBS and Microbiome Solutions does not fill out "forms." A copy of medical records can be sent when a signed authorization to do so is received. Medical review professionals can extract the required information from these records.
  • Accepts the following:
Together, we can find your gut solutions.

- William B. Salt II, M.D.

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