A revolution in recognition, diagnosis, and treatment
of IBS, SIBO, gut microbiome dysbiosis/mycobiosis, and "leaky gut" is happening today in select doctors' practices across the country.

gastroenterologist, William B. Salt II, M.D.,
is one of the few IBS and SIBO experts
who participates in the revolution. 


IBS accounts for 1 in every 10 visits to primary care specialists and 1 of every 4 to a gastroenterologist. 48 million Americans have IBS, and  most have not been diagnosed. Patients with IBS and SIBO are suffering, because most health care professionals are not knowledgeable about this revolution, and time limitations in the typical encounter with patients significantly compromise effective communication and care. Treatment of IBS, microbiome dysfunction, and SIBO is nuanced and time-consuming, requiring considerable trial and error. "One size does not fit all." 

IBS & GUT MICROBIOME SOLUTIONS is a unique practice model
for the field of gastroenterology

Dr. Salt promises you time, expertise, compassion, and solutions.
It is the element of "time" that creates the space during which meaningful solutions can be sought.
You will promise to be his partner---to become a student of, and to share decisions about---your gut health.
 Gut health affects your whole being.

IBS & Gut Microbiome Solutions
Direct Care/Pay Gastroenterology Practice (click to learn more)
500 E. Main Street, Suite 140
Columbus, Ohio 43215
877.883.5012 fax

IF YOU ARE A NEW PATIENT WISHING TO SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION WITH DR. SALT, please call the office (614.427.3161). Alternatively, complete the contact form on this website. Your health care professional can also refer you by calling the office (614.427.3161) or by faxing us (877.883.5012). If you prefer to call and are leaving a message, Susan or Barb (from our office) will return your call to make sure our practice is a good fit for you and schedule your appointment.

"Schedule Consultation with Dr. Salt" is a link to PatientFusion.com's online scheduler. We recommend that only patients returning for follow-up appointments use this schedule. 

Your appointment will last 1 hour. Prior to your visit, Dr. Salt will have reviewed your medical records thoroughly, along with our comprehensive Patient Intake Form, sent to you as an email attachment that you will have completed and returned by email. Much of the Patient Intake Form is based upon National Institutes of Health (NIH) research on gastrointestinal symptoms, to help patients explain and doctors to understand the symptoms. If you have an iPhone, we also recommend that you download the MyGIHealth app based upon this NH research, complete the Symptom Questionnaire, and email the report to us at info@WilliamSaltMD.com.

Effective January 1, 2017, the cost of your initial consultation is $350. You will be given a "Superbill" after your consultation that includes your diagnostic and visit codes, which you can submit to your insurance provider with a request for reimbursement. You can expect your payment to count towards deductible. The amount of reimbursement, if any, depends upon your specific policy. Insurance providers, including Medicare, consider Dr. Salt to be an out of network provider. Our office accepts payment from you at the end of your visit in the form of credit card, debit card, check, or cash. Your insurance or Medicare will apply for tests or imaging Dr. Salt may order for you because they consider him to be a referring and ordering provider.

Your return appointment will last 30 minutes ($175). However, if your issues are complicated, you and Dr. Salt --- together --- will decide if a 45 minute follow-up ($250) would be more appropriate.

Once you have become Dr. Salt's patient, the two of you will be able to communicate by secure messaging through your patient portal at PatientFusion.com. 

Dr. Salt invites all of his patients and website visitors suffering with IBS and SIBO to use the educational resources on this website (currently under development) and become their own IBS and SIBO experts. Then they can partner with their medical professional to find solutions.